Platfom Sarmad X Dokhuis- Filmscreening Profession: Documentarist (2014, Iran)

Platform Sarmad organiseert deze filmscreening in Dokhuis. Met de film die we kijken eren we vrouwen in Iran die 'vechten' voor hun vrijheid. Sarmad is een Rotterdams onafhankelijk platform voor onderzoek, publicatie, collectief denken en pedagogiek. Sinds de oprichting in 2012 heeft het zich ontwikkeld van een tijdschrift voor experimentele beeldvorming tot een platform dat werkt binnen verschillende disciplines, van beeldende kunst, architectuur, schrijven tot performance.

Profession: Documentarist (2014, Iran)


Sepideh Abtahi

Shirin Barghnavard

Mina Keshavarz

Firouzeh Khosravani

Nahid Rezaei

Sahar Salahshoor

Farahnaz Sharifi




Made of seven short films by seven woman Iranian documentary makers, the film takes us on a journey into the personal and professional lives of the makers and their struggles as they capture the world around them which oppresses and censures them. Each of these intimate autobiographical shorts is narrated in the first person by the director’s voice-over.

“We Iranian documentary directors have movies that can only be made in our minds. Sometimes, we tell them to each other”, Farahnaz’s voice says.

The issues that the movie raised in 2014 are ever more present in Iran today, from the traumas of immigration and a complete lack of hope for the upcoming presidential elections to an existential omnipresent fear of a full-blown war.

Today, after the uprisings following the death of Mahsa Jina Amini in September 2022 and all the violent repression that followed, being a woman in Iran has taken an undeniable political dimension. With this film screening, we honour Iranian women*, their sacrifices and their fight for freedom.

za 22 jun

18:00 - 22:00


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