Platform Samad X Dokhuis- Book Launch: Shaving a Kiwi

Platform Sarmad organiseert deze booklaunch in Dokhuis. Sarmad is een Rotterdams onafhankelijk platform voor onderzoek, publicatie, collectief denken en pedagogiek. Sinds de oprichting in 2012 heeft het zich ontwikkeld van een tijdschrift voor experimentele beeldvorming tot een platform dat werkt binnen verschillende disciplines, van beeldende kunst, architectuur, schrijven tot performance.

Shaving a Kiwi, is a booklet designed in the form of a collection of postcards. 
Each postcard carries a poem that serves as a short instruction to be applied for exercising invisible meditation and daily awareness. Through lingering within the sphere of mundane acts of everyday life, Ying Liu has discovered and archived a series of acts from which 30 are selected for this booklet, ready to be practiced by the readers.
This booklet is curated and designed by the Italian collective Corrispondenze for their annual theme “Archive”, and facilitated by Sarmad Platform. It will be launched to the public in Dokhuis, followed by a 40-minute silence workshop about Motional Meditation with the audience, which will be guided by the artist herself.

za 6 jul

15:00 - 18:00


Free of charge, please donate on the spot for drinks

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